Tipping Containers for More Direct Sunlight?

Well, I’m up here in Seattle and the days are getting shorter and shorter. As a newbie grower, I want to maximize, as best I can, the amount of sun to my plants.

Because I’m in a neighborhood that has houses on both sides, my plants don’t receive every hour of sun that I wish they could. We’re probably getting 13-14 hours of sun right now - my plants get about 9-10 per day.

It seems like the last 5 or so are when the sun is waning. I’m wondering if anyone else has thought about or had any experience in tipping their containers towards the setting sun in order to (hopefully) max out its value? For the last week or so I’ve been sticking a brick paver (about 1 and 1/2" thick) under on side of my containers.

I know the side / lower buds need to get their time in the sun and mine do - I try to spin the containers during the day when my containers are sitting flat.

Tipping containers for the last half of the day? Yeah or nay? You guys have more experience than I’ll ever have. What say you?

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I say no need. They’re going to turn and “reach” for the best light anyway.

However, some reflective material strategically placed could help get you a few more hours.


Raise them?

Seriously, if you put fence on all sides of your plant, how would you get more light? Raise them. Can’t tell without pictures, but it’s an avenue of investigation.

@Whodat66 sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. My yard is fenced in, not the containers themselves. I live in a typical neighborhood with houses on both sides but we’ve got a 6’ wood fence on each side that, if anyone was interested, could easily look over and be in my business. But for the most part, we live and let live. And since we live in Seattle, and since I’ve got a growing permit, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me growing my half dozen plants.

But at this point in the year,
my girls aren’t getting a ton of sun so I’m just trying to maximize the rays that they do get by sliding a brick under the east side of my containers in the last half or quarter of the day so that my containers tip head first towards the sun.

I know that may be a pretty bad description of what I’m doing. I’ll try to add a photo later today if I can.

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Leaning tower of Potsa. :+1:

A pic would help. I was not implying that you had a fence specifically around your plant(s), just that the general physics of natural lighting (I.e. the sun) means that anything setting on the ground in any environment will get more sunlight/day if raised. period. A tree on a hill gets more sun than one in the valley. That’s all.

Spin em … :grin: