Tip of the leave curve up

Is this first sight nutrient burnt?

Super Skunk (seeds)
Coco EC 1.2
First week in flower
PH 6.2
Measured PH in soil about 6.5

Thank you


But it looks more like heat stress. It the heat too hot at the canopy?


I have a thermal sensor right on top and during light on 85F light off 67F. Humidity 45-50% and some showing leaves curve and some don’t. Color of the leaves look normal.

85F is pretty high, unless you are supplementing with a lot of CO2 and a higher humidity. 75F is closer to ideal.

What is the EC or TDS/PPM of your run-off or in the root zone? That would confirm or rule out nute burn or a nutrient/mineral salt toxicity building up in your soil.


What strange is that I have been doing for sometimes with this kind of temp but first batch with this problem.

Are they all the same strain?

When you say some leaves don’t do this, is it on lower leaves or plants that might be a little cooler that are not having this problem?

You said EC is 1.2, but is that in the root zone or just what you feed it? What is building up in the coco?

I will check on the EC build up. I believe water till run out and check EC?
I am sorry I should say some plants and yes they’re all super skunk and I always grow from seeds.

Wow, it’s amazing, I got lucky and found a video that covers exactly what you asked about testing the run-off, and then he talks about heat.

Check it out:

Then some other guy talking about just testing pH in the run-off as well. I agree, pH in the run-off can be a little lower than what you put in without it being a problem, but it is best not to let it it get too far out of range.


Thank you. I was able to lower temp to 80F :grinning:

Another question: I heard that Calmag should be used in flowering stage . Is this correct? I’ve been using it with coco