Tip of leaves curling down


Can someone please tell me why the tips of my leaves are clawing down like this? The strain is Auto Northern lights.This is my very first attempt at growing anything. I started with one plant to put all my attention on it and learn from any mistakes. I am in my first week of flowering, using the roots organic original soil, and the roots organic nutrients. I have only gave them one feeding so far of nutrients, so I found it hard to believe it could be nutrient burn. The leaves do not have any yellowing, the only ones with some yellow at the tips are the newer developing leaves at the top. This leads to my next question, I also read that leaves can get the clawing look from too much light? I moved my light up a few inches, but so far the leaves are still curling downward. I am wondering if I should try to flush out my system to see if that helps, or if anyone has any other advice it would be much appreciated. I respectfully request any help that anyone can give me. Here are some pictures.


Nitrogen toxicity?


can you please send a pic under natural light.



clawing? i believe @Matthew420 has it
@garrigan62 can for sure tell us…lol


Hi @rvf239

May be an early zinc deficiency,

List of marijuana plant symptoms
Leaf Color:
– Yellow Leaves On New Growth
– Yellowing Between Veins
– Speckled / Patchy Pattern

Leaf Symptoms:
Upper Leaves / New Growth Damaged
– Leaf Tips Appear Burnt
– Leaf Tips Are Dying
– Yellowing Between Veins
– Speckled / Patchy
– Slow Growth
– Non-vertical Growth
– Leaves Curl Under

Plant Symptoms:
Slow Growth
– Leaves Curl Under
– Too Short

Other Symptoms:
Buds Not Getting Heavier

Magnesium deficiency can also cause leaves to curl down.

However, like said @garrigan62 (and I suggest you follow is advise and diagnostic well before mine) a picture in a more natural light will be useful :+1::ok_hand::v:


maybe this will help


This is all well and fine but with out a pic under regular light it’s but imposable to give an affirmative account of this deficiency.



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Common @Matthew420 hit em with a pic.


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Here are some pictures under natural light. Sorry all the background stuff in the pictures.


I’m sticking with my answer… I’d wait and see what @garrigan62 had to say though. He’s a pro, I am not.

Nice plants though! :+1:


Thank you. Appreciate it.


most common is a PH imbalance But as Garrigan 62 said , we need a pict in natural light .



Some natural light pics above.