Tip burn & Nutrient deficiency?

Riddle me this, growing in organic soil, the plant is showing tip burn (a sign of nutrient over load) but the bottom most leaves have turned yellow ( a sign of nutrient deficiency?).

Why is my plant acting weird, 4 weeks old.

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Always go off what happend most recently.

When did the yellowing occur? When did the tips paint?

Ur soil looks kinda clumpy. Did you add anything for aeration? Like perlite, vermiculite, etc?

Id lean towards the soil has plenty to eat cuz multiple tips are burnt. But need more info

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Nothing for aeration (Soil, coco, compost only), the bottom most leaves have just been yellowing slowly over time (i think 2 weeks). Now they’re completely yellow. All tips are burnt, right from the start.

Compost was too hot for seedlings. Nexttime start in a smaller more inert (empty) soil. Let them get about half that size (or that big) and toss them into ur amended soil.

Drainage is super important with cannabis. It likes to go from flood to drought to flood fairly often. Less drainage means more wet and dry spots under ur soil. Bit too late to fix on the big one. But i HIGHLY recommend adding perlite to ALL SOILS. I even add about 10% to my FFOF soil. Cant have too much really.

That yellowing looks hungry but the tips scream over fed. Lets see a picture of her this morning. Try to see which direction she’s going.