Tip burn 1st wk into flower

Not sure if i posted right hahah…So i am blazing thru 2 amnesia haze and 2 NL autos from ILGM. One of the AH (wk 5) 1st wk of flower and her tips are slightly burnt. All organic bio bizz base, biobizz light mix soil, 3x300 wt(listed wt) led, no bloom nutes yet only grow at 2ml/ltr, cal mag @ 1.5ml/ltr (i use purchased h20) am i seeing a N surplus?? Could this still be a cal/mag def?? Im at a low dose of organic grow right now. My lights are 20" away, no way based on experience its light burn plus its tips only. Anyhelp, my schedual dials up grow to 3ml/lt till wk 6 then bloom and grow goes down each feed till harvest. Im also seeing alot of new schedules for autos not using any grow at all for the life of the plant. HELP

No its not nitrogen by itself that’s just nutrient burn. Next couple times you feed them try a little less. Autos are pretty sensitive. And nothing you can do about the tips that are already burnt as those won’t heal the damage is done. It’s really not a huge deal at some point or another I usually have burnt tips show at some point


I have had this same issue with other grows and haven’t had any problems other then just the tips Im not stressin it just wanted to get other opinions. Its hard to burn my plants severely since im in an all organic line. Thanks for the input.

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Also when you take pics, turn your light off. Makes it much easier to see the problem. Just dial your nutes back 1/4 next feeding and you should be fine. If it continues to happen keep dialing back until you see it stop.

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I would recommend just water for the next to waterings. Also water until you get 10% of the amount you are watering running off.