Tiny Yellow Plant

This is my second year of growing plants endlessly, in my grow closet. I have this one Purple Kush Fem plant that right out of the seed was all yellow. This plant looks healthy but is only about 3 Inchs tall. It’s brother plant that Sprouted at the same time is about 10 Inch’s tall and has a normal healthy green look to it. I use Fox Farms Ocean Forrest soil and all Fox Farms nutrient’s. The soil PH of this Yellow stunted plant is at 6.5PH. I was just going to let this little one go. I was just wondering if anybody else has seen this?

Pictures, many different factor

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It’s a cute little plant, just all yellow. It sprouted that way. All new little leaves that are growing come out yellow. Weird

Makes me feel like the soil is too wet , roots are not able to develop, what kind of soil ?

I just recently watered, but let my pots get close to dry before watering. I’m using Fox Farms Ocean Forrest, and all Fox Farms Nutrients. I sprouted 2 of these Purple Kush Fems at the same time and the Other one is about 8 to 10 Inch’s tall and looking very nice. Just this one plant is odd like this. I actually have ten plants growing right now, and all but this one are looking great. ODD. I’m thinking it was just a funky seed.

@Covertgrower @CMichGrower @MidwestGuy @GreenSnek any of u boys know whats up here. All yellow plant. Weird

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I wouldn’t know where to go with it if PPM and pH are okay. Could be genetic, or it could be root issues as @Randy_Marsh pointed out. I’ve never seen such a thing. It can’t be N deficient if in OF soil and pH is okay unless he got a bad bag of soil. FF have produced a few lots of questionable soil in the past, but I’ve only heard of it maybe twice.


My soil PH is at 6.5, and just did a PPM and was at 1470. Everything looks within range. I was assuming it was just the Genetics of that seed. It’s an odd one. I’m going to just let it go and see what it does. Kind of interesting. Thanks


I’m going to rule soil out at this point as the issue, just because I have numerous plants looking totally normal and healthy that I used that same soil for. Thanks for the help. Must just be the Genetics. It looks kind of cool, just not growing very fast and is all yellow.


I have not I that I have yet to get good genetic I’m doing it old school have for years I just flushed mine till it ran out clear water and let it go a couple days then start feeding it half of what you was

I haven’t done a complete flush on that one yet. Probably just going to let it go and see what happens. Was just curious if anyone else has seen this. Thanks for the help.

No prob alot of people say alot of good and bad things but a person always dials there own way in so when it comes down to it your way will be the best

Same thing happened to me with a Blue Dream auto
Never got bigger than 6"