Tiny worms becoming a problem eating my leaves

I’m just looking for some insight on tiny little worms that are underneath my leaves eating my plants. They are very small almost look like a caterpillar but not .they tend to curl up in a ball when I grab them off and kill them. They are pretty much microscopic little bigger. Does anybody have any idea how I can kill these things organically without spraying chemicals on my plants. Everything I find on the Internet says taking them off manually and killing them. Please let me know if anybody has any insight???

This is what theylook like

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captain jacks safe and effective


Captain Jack’s employs a bacterium called ‘Spinosad’ which is effective on some insects and not others. Another product called ‘Safer Caterpillar Killer’ uses a different bacterium called BtK which works on other insects. I normally use both products alternating 5 days apart.

Plan on whatever program you are on, needs to be continued throughout the entire grow.


Cabbage worms. Neem oil in water with a couple drops of dish soap. Don’t soak, but spray fairly liberal making sure to get under leaves. Every other day, in morning or evening, for about a week or until gone. Once a week, thereafter, for maintanence. Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice is another that works. Be sure to keep checking under leaves and in any flowering spots too.