Tiny white bugs! But I’m not having symptoms. Let it be or wage war

On 40 day of flower for Auto GG in coco indoor grow 3x3 tent. 5gal smart pot.
So I noticed these guys a week or two Into flower. I got some neem oil and started spraying plant, top of soil medium and sides of pot. They go away but always come back. I have kept close eye on situation and they keep coming back BUT no bugs on any part of actual plant. I have verified via use of 30x quality magnifying glass at all levels of plant and various buds at each level. I stopped floiar spray after 2nd application over two weeks because I was in flowering and didn’t want to affect buds. Again before I used neem oil nor after stopping use have I seen bugs on actual plant. I have a feeling they are retreating into coco medium after spray application. I have read posts here where adding 1/2 tsp of oil per gallon of water works wonders as oil will then diffuse everywhere…… seems like I missed that window given I’m so far into flower and dont want to have been oil tasting buds at finish???
1.What are these bugs and are they “bad?”
2.When must you stop adding oil to water to ensure plant flushed need oil out completely so bud doesn’t taste isn’t affected?
3.If yoda was driving a car in one direction at 1 parsecs/hour and Jack Herer was driving the Millennium Falcon at 55mph in another direction could two African Swallows carry a coconut from Africa to Camelot before Arthur’s men are dismembered by killer bunnies! :thinking:

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I wouldn’t use neem oil in flowering. Capt. Jack’s Deadbug would be a better choice.


New for this year are nematodes. I have no bugs in my soil and my gnat problem has disappeared.