Tiny seedling bending away from light?

This will be my third indoor start. Last two were successful for a beginner. I have 6 seeds started of different varieties. After the first day under the light, these tiny seedlings seem to be bending away from the light? I have my 1000 watt light about 12 inches above them. They are firm stemmed and not wilted. But the 4 little leafs on the top are bent at the top of the stem as if they are trying to get away. They don’t look Burt or anything.


What kind of light and pics would help a lot

Pictures or it didn’t happen haha!

White light please.

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The light is led. 1000 watts. I had it on the light where there is purple color. I started my last seeds under this light and they grew great. I just switched it to no red light to take the picture. I was thinking of leaving it this way to see if they straighten out. Here is a picture of one of them . They all look this way and the light evenly covers all 6 cups. They are not reaching for anything. The light is directly above. This why I am so puzzled

Kind of a back picture

So hard to see with that lighting. Can you turn the light off and just use your phone? It will flash if it needs to

Raise your lights. I bet that fixes it.

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