Tiny plants driving me nuts

I think @Hellraiser is dead on. That’s a lot of moisture retentive material in that mix.

2 of my 4 gg4 seeds were half the size of the others and the plants are runts as well. I’ll finish them out but lesson learned if I get little seeds they grow outside in the " it don’t really matter section" of the property if i can’t return them. Pretty sure I won’t use that seedbank again.

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yea they were little seeds, and this is not my 1st grow.


My 2 from what I call normal seeds are almost 5 ft tall while the other 2 are about 16 inches( 40.64cm for our non u.s. friends) shorter.

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Last request @dan324 could you try to get a pic in normal lighting? Seeing a few spots and would like to properly see your soil.

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