Tiny plants driving me nuts

6 weeks in and plants are still tiny. ph is good, soil good. light good. indoor grow tent, humidity good ,temp good. they are all 1.5 inches tall. 18/ 6 light schedule, 24 inches above. really has me baffled. I have grown before, never had this much trouble


My guess is tiny seed big pot. Am I correct ?

Because in a large pot at start they do more root growth than top growth.

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Pictures? Sorry to here ur having problems.


started in peat pot for 2 weeks looked good. then trans planted to .77 gallon pot. fox farm soil. grew ok for about a week then stopped.

What kind of lighting are you using?

no pics yet, sorry not near, will post later


I grow most plants seed to large pot. Not an issue.


viperspectra 1000 watt. 24 inches up, 100/ 60 dim veg/bloom just like instructions stated

yea me too

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ilgm seeds feminized, white widow, bubble gum, ak 47 all started ok, then nothing for last 3 weeks

3 strains all tiny leads me to light. Without pictures I would start by dropping that light down Should see a difference in days. But without pictures we’re just guessing.

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Is your light old and used? Maybe it isn’t shining on all filaments if you catch my drift.

Yep, a pic is worth a thousand words. Without pics I’ll guess chronic over-watering which leads to stunting of growth for $1000 Alex (RIP Mr. Trebek).


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tried that already, for 2 weeks no change. lights are brand new bought them for this grow. it may be possible over watering, but i do the 1st knuckle test, and moisture meter test to make sure. maybe 2oz of water every 3 days.

Pictures. Gotta have them. No way to see conditions. Soil. Something is preventing the plants from getting energy. We can help with pictures.

From your last statement I would say not enough water. But just guessing. I know i had seedlings that drank that much. Darn. Now I’m thirsty. So is your plant.


What soil are you using. Does it have wood chips?

fox farms oceanic. wood chips yes, with a little peat mulch on top so it won’t dry out.