Tiny plant flowering early - what went wrong?

Growing mainly outdoors in pots, planted early Spring (southern hemi). I move them around the yard to get maximum sunlight. After only 2 months from seed, my plants (Purple Skunk, fems, not auto) started to flower. Now, 3 months from seed, they are still only a foot tall,but covered in trichomes! There’s one main flower head (hardly a bud) and a few smaller ones. (See pic.)

I need advice from someone who has had a similar experience. Should I harvest now or wait and see what happens? Or maybe lop off the main flower and hope the rest of the plant continues to grow and produce more flower? (I might try this with one of them and leave the others a while longer.)


That’s a conundrum right there. A real head scratcher for sure. I had a few plants I put outside in May and they went into flower. I ended up allowing them to reveg. The ones I cut the top out of faired better.

Next year I won’t put anything out until late June. If I were on the bottom side of the planet, I’d wait until late Dec.

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Me i think ur pot is to small for a photoperiod plant i believe you should have photoperiod plants in a five gallon pots or a 7gallon pot that maybe the reason why its so small it mayne root bound

Some just grow up to be runts… I have no clue but I had an auto do that to me last year… and I have had some photos that didn’t grow as tall as a sibling too… just slight difference in genetics.

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Thanks to everyone who replied. I have a suspicion that the seeds were auto-flowering types, although the supplier did not advertise this. I have another seedling from the same packet which I planted 6 weeks after the ones that went wrong. So far (7 weeks after planting) it has not started to flower. If it flowers early, I will conclude that the seeds came from poor genetics, i.e. they were duds, because I can’t think of anything else I’m doing wrong. I have been following advice from various grow guides. I don’t think the pots (5 litre) are too small, given the size of the plants, but I’ll check the roots when I transfer them to bigger pots. My advice to beginners, based on my experience and many other posts on this forum: Avoid auto-flowering seeds! (Just buy some mongrel regulars and weed out the males.)