Tiny bugs taking over my grow... help

My tent started off just fine minus one plant that I had done in soil instead of hydro I noticed a slivery kind of glaze on my lover leaves… it has started to spread I have noticed tiny bugs on those leaves what are they? How do I get rid of them… I am 4 weeks into flower…

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@Myfriendis410 Spinosad and Jacks correct?


yep! i had that last grow

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@pptrsha1 what are these bugs?


i think its thrips. they make the leaves silvery from biting them.

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do you have a magnifying glass or loupe or anything? turn that leaf over and check for buggies

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and then again i have been wrong many times before

Physically remove infected leaves, soak plant down with 3% peroxide and distilled water mixed 50/50. Wait 24 hours then apply either Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew (spinosad) or Safer Caterpillar Killer (BtK). Wait 5 days then hit with peroxide again followed by either of the two products above. Continue until harvest.


Would neem oil work the same as the caterpillar killer? I bought some last week for my outdoor plants. As long as I make sure to not get any on my buds? @Myfriendis410

Totally different mechanism. I hate Neem oil. Once you are in flower you will ruin the plant with this stuff.


Okay I will have to get some caterpillar killer then

Okay I have removed as many infected leaves as I possibly could. Tomorrow’s adventure is to the garden store to get some caterpillar killer and peroxide and I will hope for the best!

I’m assuming that includes spraying the bud as well? Is it ok to use this peroxide treatment with Spinosad all through flower?


All the way to harvest. You can’t use peroxide on top of it because it kills the active vector in the Spinosad. Thus alternating every five days to allow Spinosad (or BtK) to do it’s job.

Mechanically removing mites can be done by spraying the plant with a large volume of water: washing the little bastards off the plant.

Peroxide is the grower’s friend. Definitely want to look up how to do a bud wash:


Yes, sorry if that was confusing, I meant alternating.

Definitely going to start learning about the bud bath.

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I normally use the liquid from 10-15 cigarette butts soaked over night in a quart of water, strained, then add 2-4 drops of liquid dish detergent. Spray entire plant liberally. Also, for the last 3-4 years, just before hanging plants to dry I immerse them in a solution of water, lemon juice and baking soda. After about 10 minutes or so I final rinse them by immersing them in clean water. Works wonders for cleaning and insects. GLTA

@Myfriendis410 I could not find caterpillar killer will this work the same? Going to spray my affected leaves and try to avoid any buds!

I’m gonna wait for an answer but if I don’t get one I’m gonna go ahead and spray before my lights go off in an hour

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I’m using every available thing to prevent bugs for my first grow and haven’t had too much problems except for nutrient burn and mildew. I try and keep everything natural, so I’m using companion plants (spearmint, peppermint, dill) that keep bugs away, and now i just ordered ladybugs to eat any bugs/eggs.

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