Tiny brown spots on two leaves


First time grower, using a 2 gallon pot for pot set up with autoflowering northern lights. Last night she looked perfectly fine but this morning I woke to find two leaves with tiny brown spots just at the tip. She’s outside during the day but I bring her inside at night. It’s pretty hot out so I’m wondering if it’s heat issues or the wrong oh of my water? It seems to be very early so I’m hoping to correct it. I bought my seeds from here and have not done or added anything extra outside of the pot for pot growing instructions. image image

It maybe heat related. Welcome to the forum nice looking plant.

Thank you! I love her so much I just want her to be happy

Looks good!

Welcome, just make sure you don’t over-love her and definitely don’t over-water.

Either I’m blind or I can’t see what your talking about. Most likely a couple of tiny drops of water hit the leaves. From what I can see it’s a very healthy happy lil baby.
Water below the leaves always, only need to water every 2-3 days.

Welcome to the forum. Sounds like heat stress.