Tiny Bit of Yellow on Seedling Leaves

This just started today. You can see yellow on the leave in the first picture pretty clearly, and there seems to be just a tiny amount in on the edge of the leaf pointing to the east in the second picture (the stuff on the cotyledon is just a little bit of dirt).

I was already planning on transplanting these to 1 gallon containers tomorrow. So far they’ve had nothing but Happy Frog, and 6.0 ph water. Should I start giving them small amounts of nutrients, or will the Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil I’m planning on using be enough for now? Anyone have any idea what’s going on?


I think they look happy and healthy. Having said that I think they will benefit from the larger pot. FFOF should have enough nutrients in it to get you well into veg before you need to add ant nutrients.


Your looking pretty great, actually. Do you mist your seedlings? It might just be a bit of light burn if so.

No nutrients until at least 4 weeks after your last transplant. FF Happy Frog has plenty of nutes. Seedlings don’t need any nutrients at all. The little rounded leaves take care of that.


You don’t think there’s an issue with the little yellow / flaking spots in the first picture? I use a watering can and give them a little water every night.

They look pretty happy to me. New growth is what you want to monitor, and they look like they are putting up nodes pretty quickly.


Very nice seedlings I would transplant those girls to bigger pots. At this point the only thing holding them back is the starter cups. Good luck


I’m am having the same problem with my clone. I was going to transplant it but am worried I’ll cause it more stress, it’s got some spots on the droopy leaf and also a yellow leaf towards the bottom. The soil is happy frog and it has the perlite mixed in also. Any tips on if I should transplant now to actual pot or wait until the spots are gone? What are the brown spots caused from??

I am far from being an ‘expert’ on the subject but,even using the magnifier in ease of access I cant see anything wrong…one thing you may want to keep in mind is root-binding…I have had seedlings become root bound,in 16 oz cups,when the actual plant was 1.5-2 inches in height…from my experience root-binding ‘mimics’ many other problems such as over/under watering,heat issues etc…get those babies in bigger pots soon!!!..Good luck!..

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What size pot(s) have you got your plant(s) in?..

Thank you for the information! The dark spots on the leaf isnt concerning? What is that from? It is in a 8 or 12oz solo cup currently, I am going to transport soon to a 7 gal pot but wanted to make sure it was healthy first and wouldn’t shock it or make the spots worse.

I cant see what dark spots you are referring to,sorry…:>)

Yo, that looks like what this guy saw here:

To me at least. Could be a me thing but I have to click on the pictures in that thread before they show up. Also I love your username. I’m in that area :slight_smile: