Tinture Question

How much tinture will an ounce of trim/buds and a quart of everclear make??


About a quart, no? Every recipe I’ve seen is a soak, shake, strain, serve type thing.

Hey nice seeing you around! Kinda like a martini.

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You got it. I’ve never had it myself, but it looks super simple, and it seems like it’d be really potent. Good luck and enjoy!

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I will! It’s just a bunch of larf and sugar leaves. Even if it’s shit it’s not like it cost me anything.

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Just the alcohol, which you were probably going to drink anyway, right?

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Yeah,everclear is top of my list lol

I decarb my cannabis then make my tincture. I make a strong tincture using the crystal strain from ILGM. Shes high in thc & cbds. Using a quart mason jar i take 2 oz of decarb bud place inside & drown it with everclear till about 2 oz of alcohol is visible on top. Place into dark place & shake her vigorously everyday for a month. A sludge will start to appear before shaking. At this time if wanted you can burn off the alcohol & make oil. I normally have to save all my tincture for hubby. He loves the stuff!