Tinctures how much cannabis do you use?


Ok ive read here about making tincture here. My question is : it calls for half oz, but hubby wants to put an oz in it. He is wanting as good of high as smoking. Half oz or whole oz? What would you do? Are there any others here that have to be totally wasted to go along with daily life. Hubbys got ptsd & a very bad tummy. He prefers cannabis to prescription drugs.


This is the recipe from the magical butter machine. I think it all depends on the strength you desire so an oz should be fine:

¼-1 ounce/7-28 g botanicals per cup/240 ml*, decarbed
2-5 cups/475-1180 ml Everclear grain alcohol, 151 or 190 proof (or vegetable glycerin)

Good luck. Let us know how it comes out.


Thanks for your info. Cant try it till end of month @ harvest. But i will let you know


Great info! I’ve been looking at getting one of the Magic Budder machines! Didn’t know you could make so many different things in it :+1:


I’ve done a lot of research on Cannabis Tinctures.

I have absolutely no practical experience.

It seems there are two distinct methods.

  1. Soak the greens+flower in various strength of alcohol for a length of time and consume.

  2. Same as above but heat at 80c to remove the alcohol and recover nearly pure resin.


  1. Vodka shots with extra legs. Everclear shots with extra medical care.

  2. Extracts nearly all of the possible resin and should only be used in micro doses.

I’ve just started my first batch.

50 grams of frozen fresh Durban Poison ground.
25cltr of 40% (UK) Vodka

I fully expect extraction will be complete after 48hrs.

The plan is to “taste” and enjoy a wee tot or two.

With the remaining liquid, I’ll cook down and reduce the alcohol until I get a sludge and test the potency.

It might not be the best plan in the world…

But it’s MINE!


If you can let some sit about a month in a dark place shaking every day…Whooo Hooooo, now thats tincture. And good choice on amount. Mine 56grms crystal in everclear.


Hi @MattyBear. I want to play around with tinctures and edibles, then I saw your post so thought I’d ask about that Budder Machine. Is there a place to find to read about the machine and what I can create with it?


You can check amazon along with reviews


Good idea!! The reviewers there (for the most part) tell the pros and cons vs the MFG who wants you to buy it.

Thanks @Painfree


Yeah check it out on amazon or check out there website or YouTube has some cool videos on what you can do with them :wink:


I ended up ordering the Magical Butter Machine over the weekend. The place I ordered from is called Rosinpower.com and they had the machine with free shipping at $126 which is the best price I found if you consider the shipping costs for other retailers. On Monday I called them to see when to anticipate the ETA, and he mentioned he had never seen such a rush of orders coming in for any single product. Seems to be a hugely popular item.


I just ordered one last weekend too :wink:


Have you been able to use it yet Matty?


@North_East_Newbie so far I’ve made coconut oil twice and it was so easy! Add ingredients and push a button and viola, an hour later it’s ready :wink::v:


Sounds super easy!
I have tincture that’s been sitting for a month or so & not sure how to make vape pen juice the best way with it. I read Robert’s recipe in the guide section, but haven’t heard great things about the end results.
I used an ounce of bud & 12 ounces of Everclear. I would like to boil off the alcohol to make a sludge for pen juice, but not sure the best way?

My tincture separates like this:

I’m guessing the stuff I want to keep is the middle brown layer?


Be very careful and have good ventilation when cooking down the tincture. A hot plate or someway to do it outside would be best. Have you tested out the tincture yet? I’d put a few drops into some juice and see how it is :wink::v::bear:


Lots of good info here. `https://www.edrosenthal.com/the-guru-of-ganja-blog/2018/8/1/ask-eds-fast-track-cannabis-tincture


@MattyBear. I am going to try out the tincture tonight. If it’s strong enough, I’ll boil off the alcohol tomorrow (outdoor). Thanks for the tip.

@Painfree, that’s a good quick recipe. I may give that a try the next round. Thanks!