Tinctures and Uses

Just began experimenting with using Tincture. Made a test batch of the freezer method using 14 grams of PH cured bud / 6 oz. Everclear. Strained out after 8 days in the freezer , shaking vigorously 2-3 times throughout the day . No where have I read that the grounds after straining are of any use , I’m hesitant to smoke because of the Everclear…but I did scrape some of the final strain off the coffee filter and it looks just like hash does …question being if this is air dried for 12 hours or so , would it be safe to smoke or even have any amount of THC

worth messing around with ?

I do a double wash. Take that 14g and soak in 2 oz everclear same way you did first batch. Evaporate most of the everclear and can mix back into the first batch.

I typcially soak 10-15g of flower in only 2oz of everclear. I don’t have an evaporator to reclaim the everclear, I just let it evaporate so 2oz is less of a waste.

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Thanks ! What’s your opinion on the left over grounds , for instance that hash looking stuff that came off my second strain thru the coffee filter ?

I personally wouldn’t smoke it. Don’t want to inhale alcohol vapors or byproducts. Even if most of the everclear has evaporated/dried.

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Was my initial thought exactly…but sure looked appetizing !

I hope you decarbed 6 oz of PH first!

Oh definitely, it was decarbed

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I started making tinctures for sleep. After a while I wanted something easier to carry when I was going on vacation. Now I use the tincture to make gummies.


That’s next , going to infuse some lifesaver gummy’s with the tincture :crazy_face: High Times @emgoldslo :v:


if you do the everclear wash for a few weeks, strain it and just let it sit till it evaporates, do the terpenes remain? I was thinking of making carts and wanted original terps if I could. @jjs