Tincture vs. edible


The Lift by Ardent Is more consistent than an oven- I always set my oven at 240 but again I find the Lift to be a good investment.
I will have to check what model of vape I bought but I use VG thinned with distilled water so I bought one that could vape 100% VG
By the way I steep my VG at least twice and heat it for about 4 hours at 160 degrees
Hope this helps


I looked up the decarb model and it looks like a set and forget device. Very consistent would be my guess.

Good tip on thinning the VG with water, and being new to vaping, I could easily make mistakes w/o some friendly advice. If I go to a vape shop, I could be a target for a rip-off without some knowledge walking in the door.

I think I’ll try the decarb process followed by covering the grind with Everclear for a few days - finally, evaporation of the alcohol. From there I’ll mix in VG/PG for a proper consistency. I just don’t want to create something so strong it will lock me on the couch for the day. I’ll start slowly and do it on a weekend when I can experiment w/o other chores in the way…just in case. LOL


A sound plan.
I just played with making tinctures and I am not done in mad scientist mode yet but after all my tinkering I have yet to throw anything away
Some batches are :man_shrugging: but they all have done the job.
Good luck and keep on growing


I don’t know how to make vape liquid, but sounds like a good plan for making the tincture. I prefer to let the most of the solvent evaporate naturally. That way, you’re left with a liquid which has the color & viscosity of honey.

Heating tends to make a rick simpson oil-esque black sludge.


Yeah, I liked your evaporation method. I’ll try this and let you know how it turns out!