Tincture for edibles

I want to make some Everclear Tincture to make edibles.
Does it make a difference if I use buds that are freshly cut or do they need to be cured?
Also does anyone have a recipe to make it in a short amount or time?

@Hogmaster @raustin @blackthumbbetty here’s a few tags for people that make edibles or oils.

I don’t make tinctures with alcohol, I only make butter to make edibles.

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I wouldn’t use fresh bud it’s better if you use some this been dried and cured for at least two weeks What exactly are you trying to make I would use vodka instead of Everclear also much smoother

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Looking for Recipe give me a second

Can’t find a fast Recipe the ones I have take several days you can also look on YouTube for some

Vodka tincture in bikkies, cakes and jelly is so delicious , u can use fresh bud but as said before cured even for a week or two is way better, brandy tinchure is ok aswell

Want to make gummy bears There’s a lot of contradicting information on which is best for gummies. I read Everclear, vegetable glycerin, butter and vodka. Not sure which to use. YouTube shows anywhere from 3 hours in Everclear to months. That’s why I’m asking you guys. Never been guided wrong from this site.
Appreciate any help.

Several days is perfect. Just didn’t want to wait weeks or months.

I only considered Everclear because I saw it on YouTube. Is there any different in potency between Vodca and Everclear?

Thank you for the tags

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You’re welcome. Hopefully they can get you the help you’re looking for.

Everclear/Bacardi 151 contain way less water & such than vodka. They’re a stronger solvent, for sure, but won’t necessarily make your tincture stronger than vodka would. The higher alcohol content does make it easier & faster to evaporate, though.

For tinctures, I use either of the above, but I do want to try glycerin, one day. I fill a pint Mason jar with chopped up, dried, decarbed buds; pour the solvent in until the buds are just submerged; put a lid on it; then shake the caca out of it. Pop that in the freezer for a few days to a week, shaking it a couple times a day. Freezing it supposedly helps break down the cell walls, releasing more of the good stuff, faster.

After it’s been frozen & shaken properly, strain the buds from the solvent. Wear gloves or you’re gonna get so freaking high! Run another few oz of solvent through the strained buds to rinse out as much good stuff as possible. After strained, pour the liquid into a shallow Pyrex/glass pie pan & place in a warm, dark place to let a good amount of the alcohol evaporate. This could take several days.

Eventually, you’ll have an amber colored liquid with the viscosity of watery honey. By evaporating off most of the alcohol & such, you’ll have a tincture that doesn’t kill your mouth (I use tincture sublingually), and that will work well in just about any recipe. If you don’t evaporate off the alcohol, it can make your edibles come out with a weird texture or bitter flavor, and it burns like a mofo.


That’s exactly whatI was looking for.
Very details info. The freezing part sounds interesting. Can’t wait to try. Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out.


My pleasure! A well made tincture is a beautiful thing.

You can even rub the stuff on joints/blunts, let it dry, then smoke it.

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Can this be done with trimmings also??

You can, but you need A LOT of trim…3 or 4 times the amount of bud to make the same strength of tincture. That also requires more solvent, and more evaporation time. My first attempts were with trim/sugar leaves. Honestly, it wasn’t worth it, which is why I decided to use buds/larf.

The solvent tends to disappear when I’m around it lol. Thanks for the info


Forgot to ask.
Don’t the buds need to be decarboxylated first?

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@Josephsv, yep.