Timmed? Fopped?

My usual plant training involves LST only. But since I’m only growing one plant this time around I decided to top it, then I’ll eventually apply LST to keep it flat. In the image above you can see the two new stems growing after the plant was topped. But right in the middle of the image you can see a stem emerging from the center. So instead of two new colas from being topped or four from being fimmed, I’m getting three. Sort of a hybrid top/fim :stuck_out_tongue:. The side branches are emerging as expected. Two fan leaves were removed to allow light to reach them better. Aside from other minor defoliation down the road, this plant won’t be cut again until harvest (flipping to 12/12 will occur in one week).


I’d trim those big fan leaves to let the light in more

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Some fims come up as 3 when missed by a lil no worries …but I agree with @HornHead I’d expose more tword middle atleast