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I am nearing the end of an indoor grow, First Time Grower! My strain says flowering anywhere from 55-63 days. I am on day 50 of flowering. I read where you need to stop nutrients in the last two weeks. Also reading that the trichomes need to turn milky. Most of mine are still clear with many of the pistels turning orange/brown. So does it make sense to stop giving the nutrients? the reason I ask is because I am not sure how long it will take to turn milky. What came first ,the chicken or the egg?

Hey rotodad
Can you post a picture of the whole plant and a couple of the buds up close.
In natural light or with a flash. If your grow lights are white they may be fine.
Whatever the seed bank said about flowering time is usually on the short end. Most plants take longer. Even ILGM estimates are under best conditions and yours will probably be longer.

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Attached are recent shots. Cant get in there now, lights are off. Getting a magnifier delivered today.


You have a couple weeks or more to go.
Those pistils that are all white right now need to turn brown.
Good news is those buds will get even fatter so keep it up. They look great.
Look for this to happen…


So should I continue the nutrients. I feed every three days. I was doing the General Hydrophonic mix every three days, then just water and a cal-mag supplement the next feed. When do I stop the nutrients?

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Yes. You have a ways to go still.
Flushing has been shown to have little to no effect on the final product. Many of us still do it because why waste food on a plant that is done. It will start to consume itself when it get close and leaves will yellow and fall off. Its just a natural process.

This is controversial but here is the report I read.
Some will disagree and flushing does not hurt anything so I am not posting this to cause any disagreements. Its your decision. Run your own side by side test if you wish.

So the top canopy looks great, Will the smaller buds on the bottom of the plant be any good? I was wondering if growers ever cut off the top cola buds for harvest and continue the grow to allow the lower buds to ripen? I know it sounds crazy, just wondering being a first time grower.
BTW - If that is a picture of your grow great job.

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Yes the small lower buds will be good too. Just less dense. But who cares.
Selective harvesting is ok. Lots of us do it. The lower buds generally need an extra week or two.

So my example is called selective harvesting? Brilliant!

Mine is an indoor grow, I wasn’t planning on doing a wash. Is this something you do?

I did a wash on my first grow but none since. Its does not hurt anything so dont be afraid to do it.
My house will dry the buds pretty fast so I do not have mold problems.
Its an inexpensive way to make sure you dont have any mold at the start of the dry/cure process.

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My current Granddaddy Purple grow. 2 Plants in a 3x4 tent.


Nice setup. I should try the netting. I was doing the nip and tuck LST. I am in a 4x4 with 4 plants and it is very crowded. I have struggled keeping the balance between temps and humidity. In an enclosed room with no vents or windows. Already have the carbon filter and fan going, dehumidifier outside tent in room, which gives off heat trying to keep the humidity at right range.

Started in February. So if I decide to do back to back grows, I will need to come up with a solution for heat. Surprised my wife is putting up with the smell the past two weeks. The solution is to fry some bacon and everyone is happy.

Its been fun, but getting stressful. Don’t want to blow it know with so much time and money invested. Plus I am going on vacation in 5 weeks. I was hoping the harvest would be in jars burping by that time. My wife has taken on that task, I need everything else done before, or it will need to wait another week.

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I would guess that 5 weeks you should be done.
Hope it continues to go well.

Thanks for your time. Time to get outside for some fresh air. Good luck with your grow.

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