Timing of grow skills

A question from a fellow grower:

Hey Robert if a plant has been in a windowsill for a month or 2 and didn’t progress much but was then moved to a tent with lights 24/7 proper heat (68-85 degrees f) and about 40 rh how long before switching to 12/12 and triggering flowering? Also how long before doing any stress training/topping. Also when would be a good time to take clones? Went from looking pretty sad in the windowsill to being a good 6 inches tall so far. Thanks for all the info

Good time to take clones=2weeks in flower
You can flower a plant after 2 months in veg you can start topping when I’m get same with th LST methods.
Also just a tip when In veg they can use upwards to 60-65% humidity, best of luck to ya

Hi my plants are about a week old…inside right now with light 24 hours a day. They will be going outside. When do I start giving them darkness and when do I transplant into larger containers? I was planning on using miracle grow soil with moisture control and adding perlite and more peat moss and putting them into 8" containers until ready for final plant bed…I need some experience opinions

Start giving darkness at 4 weeks old (1 month old) you can switch the lights to 18/6 18 hours on 6 hours off, the soil option sounds good, and i usually transplant when I see the roots coming out of the drainage holes of the planter, and as for the planters sounds like a good choice although, how big are you wanting the plant to be