Timing issues on how many weeks in flowering

Can some one give me an educated guess on what week these babies may be in, my wife started these in may I think toward the end but she had them in her indoor ivy plant till the sprouted then moved them to three gallon buckets where they’ve been since so I don’t know the exact week I’m in could be maybe 6?

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If you give us a general idea of where you live i’m sure that would make it much easier to pinpoint when she went into flower!

I think 6 would be a pretty good guess :thinking: just by looking at them

SW virginia

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I still say 6 weeks is going to be close but a week younger would be my next guess

Ok that’s a close estimate, I was looking at close to the end of 5 but not sure I just kept looking at pictures in both weeks but I don’t even know the strain and it’s my first grow, but I’m taking good notes lol

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