Timing a pre-harvest flush - are these ready?

I want to flush before harvest - I’ve read that 1-2 weeks of flush is about right. I’ve also read that I should start flushing once I get to a point where I could actually harvest (in other words, once the harvest window opens).

I’m not sure if my harvest window has opened. My recent guesstimate is I can harvest in 2 weeks, but this is my first grow so I could use some input/advice from more experienced growers out there on my ETH (Estimated Time to Harvest :slight_smile: ).

Here are four pics: the first two are a close up and plant view of one strain and the second pair are a close up and a cola of a second strain (both hybrids).

So when do I start flushing? Thanks in advance for the help.

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Someone with better eyes might have a good idea how long you have. Most check the trichomes thru a jewelers loupe to judge ripeness.
Of more concern to me is the proximity to the tomato plants and the lower leaves that show typical fungus. When tomato leaves touch the ground they pick up a fungus that keeps moving up the plant. This is the time of year to watch for bud rot and I think I see a brown bud inside one of your plants.
Check for mold on your plants as it can ruin them quickly.

Norman - thanks, I hadn’t thought about the proximity to the tomatoes. I’ll check this out when I get home.
The plants are in the veggie garden because that’s the best sun I have and also I can keep them out of sight of the lawn and utility folks. As this point I can move them out of the garden and away from the tomatoes until I chop them.

And thanks for taking the time to circle the suspicious spot on the plant - much appreciated!

I’m gonna say negative speed racer. If you’re going by breeder timelines that’s timelines that’s it you want to judge by trichomes you want all cloudy some Amber eyes shoe 4 first sign of Amber all chop but I run Coco coyer so my flush only last for 5 days if you’re in soil you can just start giving plain pH water for the last 2 weeks and then maybe the last watering do a flush

I’m sorry buddy you have anywhere between three to four weeks left before you harvest sorry I didn’t answer that