Times running out, easy strain?

Can I still get a photoperiod grow in before frost. Here In the south it may not frost till late October or even early november. Or would it be a better idea to run some autos? And I could use suggestion on forgiving strains, this would my first time(to grow this anyways). Keep hearing about northern lights, big bud, #44, chocolope, and purple haze? I’m clueless.

What is your area or state ?

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Assuming you aren’t south of the equator then you have tons of time we only just had our last chilly days up north so now it’s planting season a lot of people get started on seedlings early indoors to grow monsters but you’ll be fine . If you’re in a drier climate sour diesel would be good. If it’s more humid Maui wowie or chocolope would be pretty good. White widow and zkittles is always beginner friendly too


I have always thought about doing a outdoor grow.
I’m in the Nevada desert.
What are the few main things you go about starting and getting an outside grow going?