Timers, and avoiding problems

We all use timers for our indoor grows, and periodically we all go through power outages, blown circuits, etc… We also can have issues when something bumps into our timers and change settings.
This is just a reminder for all of us. Do a visual check of your timers periodically to ensure that the time is still correct and also that none of the settings have been changed.
Also, and foremost, if you have a power outage or discover a blown circuit, immediately check your timers to ensure that everything is set the way you had it set. With the mechanical timers, you will even be able to tell how long the interruption was by how far off the timer is.
I just want everyone to consider their timers when there are electrical issues in order to avoid issues afterwards.
One time, something fell off a shelf and bumped into my timer undetected. It changed the settings by pushing in some of the tabs when it fell.
Another time my power went out for 3 hours, and all of my lights were running off schedule. For a couple of days as I slowly brought it back to the proper schedule I had it set for.
I hope this helps some of you avoid problems in the future.
These days I have learned to check mine often, and the first thing I check when there’s an issue in order to avoid problems.


Good advice.

For anyone using lights on indoor grows.

Absolutely essential check for anyone using a hybrid light system that mixes natural daylight with low powered artificial light.

The very first year. I set the timer to flower 12/12 and nothing happened for 4 long weeks. The very last thing I check was the timer?

Turns out the always-on/timer on switch was set to be always on!

Not conducive for flowering.


I somehow did the same thing.

But after 10 days and no flowering.

I knew I had a lighting problem.


I superglued the timer to always be on.

Yep, that worked fine.

Still no flowering after the light management change.


Human error.

I’d set the timer to 8 am - 10 pm on.


I don’t know.

What’s the worse bug a Cannabis can get?

A careless grower.

I’m getting better.

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