Timer problem. Switching accidentally from flower to vegetation in week 6 of flower


I’m having a lighting problem.
I grow blue dream, ak47 and white window in a 100x100cm tend with a 600hps light.
Theoretically I am in week 6 of flower but in the last 7 days I have seen that my plants are growing a little strange with some burning problems but only today when I visit her I was observing that all my plants are switching from flower to vegetation period when I was starting to see that from flowers are starting to grow new leaves.
I was checking the timer for my light and it was stuck on 24hours on. I don’t know exactly for how many days this problem is but certainly for a pretty long time because they look like that now. ( see picture ).
I have changed my timer today. What should I do next and what should I expect for the final yield to be affected? Any advice is precious because i really don’t have a clue what to do in this situation


Looks like foxtailing to me, but let some of the pros answer.

If it IS foxtailing, it could be time to harvest. Have you checked trichomes @Voltaj ?


Okay, just one more piece of proof I need to finish my coffee before commenting. I read your post wrong. So foxtailing, prolly not? But the experts will weigh in soon I am sure.


That plant is definitely re-vegging, you could do a couple of things…

Place it back into flower, you’ll probably have to start your flowering period completely over if you do this, or…

You can keep them in Veg another several weeks to a month, they will become the bushiest plants you have ever seen and will grow max branches and give a large yield, something similar called monster cropping is used on clones.

Btw, try and keep all your climate variables perfect because taking a plant back to veg state places high stress on it so you don’t want other factors potentially stressing it also.

Hope this helps


They already are pretty tall and the tend is already full so can I benefit from the already formed buds?


IMO the bud that’s already there and revegged isn’t worth anything, correct your timer and start over with the flower period. Check your timer every day or two, just to check it. Place the timer where it can’t be touched by anything again but you. Good luck on the next try I’m sure you’ll do great this time.


Yes you can benefit from them if there are trichomes present which they look like they have a small amount of frost to me, how much you can benefit depends on how many trichomes are there already.


Just start flower period over again and count it the beginning of light flip… so you should be ready to harvest in 9 to 12 weeks depending on strains… :wink:
I would also suggest a digital timer , there a lil more money , but even if the power go’s out they will remember when to turn on in off without having to mess with them and this won’t ever happen again… :wink:

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I would just put it back into flower or veg it out again and reveg it you’ll have massive plants but!! Not bad thing


@peachfuzz is on point the strange growth is most likely because she started to reveg
Start flower period over :+1: