Timer failed me today


So my timer for whatever reason didnt work and my lights were on for fifteen mins longer than should have been. Ive been super strict on my 18/6 light schedule up til today. Have a 30-33 day old auto silver bullet… any damage/setbacks to be expected from the timer fail?


Since you are still in veg mode, this won’t hurt a thing. Veg can go 18 to 24 hours depending on your preferences as a grower. When it is time to flower, you may want to set it to 11.5 hours of light instead of 12 per day to start so you have a 30 minute grace period for this type event. Flowering is much more time sensitive about light.


@Stomper its an auto in pre-flower i believe there is unmistakable buds forming…this gonna be bad ya think? I do understand what your saying otherwise though, and appreciate it.


I really dont think so since you are still on the 18 hour cycle but I have not grown autos yet so I can’t give those answers. I think @Yoshii has some experience there.


Man i like this site. Just for that reason. People dont know, they prolly know where to send you to find out. Thanks @Stomper


That’s one of my worst fears ! 15 minutes is nothing, don’t even stress it ! …just make sure it’s set correctly now
-good luck


One other thing to remember about timers is if the time itself gets off they may just start earlier or later and end at the right amount of time just not on time.


I believe that description describes a lot of us “gezzers” here…L


@Paranorman ill for sure check and reset timer and ill also be manually be checking to make sure from now on…thanks


@HH420 - Did you say these are autoflowers? If so, you don’t have to worry at ALL about the timer. Autos flower according to an internal clock, no matter how much darkness they get. I’m on my first grow (with autos and photos), but from what I understand, you could run them 24/7 and they’d still bloom just fine.


Yep it is an auto. Yeah i thought about that too @kushpa , was just checking because i have been very regular with the light schedule and it is my first grow so better to ask than find out the hard way if one doesnt need to…lol


Its a autoflower 18-20 hours great dont worry stay on that light schedule dont change cycle youll be fine autos are forgiving when it comes to light now any other stress not good at all hope you started in pot yoyr finishing in i sprout in jiffy pot placed in five gallon geo pot fabric pot whatever lol good luck


I’m doing an auto and have been very inconsistent with lights and seems to be doing fine on day (damn)93 lol. Was 20/4. Then 18/6 then 17/7 then 20/4 has been 20/4 If heat isn’t issue id go 20/4. The main reason I’ll stick to autos is the flexibility with lights Wouldn’t recommend being as erratic as I was.