Timer failed and lights stayed on 9 hours too long

I unknowingly flipped my timer switch off this morning before I left for work. When I came home, the lights were still on. Bottom line is…the lights stayed on when they should have turned off so my plants just did 21 hours of light instead of 12. I immediately turned off the lights as soon as I realized what had happened. They are in middle of 5th week of flower. Questions are, did I do irreparable damage, and if not, what do I do now to get back on track?

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No you didnt. One day wont kill em. May upset a couple but they’ll be fine. Run lights off an entire cycle (much healthier then lights on til ur clock can reset).

So if ur off 7am to 7 pm. And on 7pm to 7am. U want to make sure they get MINIMUM 12 hours of straight dark. If u caught it at 5 and fixed the timer, it would come on at 7pm. Which is TOO SOON. Let them have the ‘night’ off… and resume day hours tomaro at 7pm.



Follow. And it makes sense. They have built up too much of the chemical that triggers flowering. They couldnt possibly convert it back on a few hours of darkness, so for the 9 extra hours of light, i need to give 9 extra hours of darkness. So I turned them off at 5, leave them off for 21 hours (12 + 9 ), so…back on tomorrow at 2. That puts them on a different time schedule, but I can definitely handle having the lights on from 2pm to 2am. Theyll be on when i get home so i can water, trim, etc… before dinner. Perfect. Just hope this one incident didnt erase all the months of dilligent care Ive been giving them. That would be disheartening to say the least. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Uh oh… i think we missed each other. The amount of time is only important as to they get 12+ hours of lights out. What was your original lighting schedule?

Basically people get comfy in their schedule. No reason to change if it aint broke no way. Just was trying to make sure you get back to original lights on, WITH 12+ hours of dark before.

18 hours of dark to ‘reset’ ur timer to ur original day/night hours is AMILLION times better then 18 hours of light, 6 dark, then back light for 12, dark 12.

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No, I got you bro. Only I was gonna give em 21 hours of dark to reset instead of 18. Schedule has been 6:30 am to 6:30 pm lights off and, lights on the other 12. If I take this opportunity to set the schedule for the lights to come on at 2:30 pm, I can feed, water, trim, etc…as soon as i get home from work instead of waiting til 6:30 for the lights to kick on. Is 21 hours too much darkness?

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U got it bud. Hows it growing btw?

10 oz of dense bud 3 oz of trim/popcorn from 4 plants. Wish I knew %of thc. Really good weed. I’m pretty happy.

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