Timeframe for growth?

How long do White Widow Auto’s take to grow From seed to Harvest? My seeds were planted on 02-06 and today is 05-06 and only one is very close for harvest but the other two are not and appears it’ll be a couple more weeks before they finish. Why are they taking so long? Thanks

Depending on how long you keep them in veg cycle, once in flower is very loosely time set. But like children they all mature different


White Widow Auto is rated at 56 days of flowering. Keep in mind that is under perfect conditions. In general you can expect it to take about 2 weeks longer.
Also, like @Dennis62 said - every plant is different.


Here are some actual days from first set of true leaves to harvest for 4 WWA
71, 85 and 100. Another five were very close. They were between 100 and 106 days. I currently have one going and she is on day 87 with another week to go. All of the seeds are from ILGM.


It all depends on how long you keep them in veg.

When you switch to 12/12 light schedule just dont count first week in 12/12 that’s transition.
Then they take from 8 to 10 weeks in flower.


I’ll point out the fact it’s an auto so flipping the lights won’t matter. Every plant is different and any dates are speculation. Usually, avg, 90-110


She’ll be done when she’s done. Be patient


There are so many breeders and all of them list different times for their White Widows. You’ll never know exactly how long they’ll take, but a good rule that I found to be fairly accurate is to add about two weeks to whatever the breeder has claimed. Most of the auto’s I’ve grown were supposed to be 8 to 9 week plants, but they almost always have taken 10 to 12 weeks to be ready.


Sounds like mine, good to know that!!! I just started flushing one and the other two are growing different and are taking longer.

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Thank You