Time to transplant to larger pot?

What would be a good time to transplant? Do these look okay? It’s my first time growing. I have amnesia haze feminized auto-flower. They’re on their 30th day. I was planning on moving them into a 3-5 gallon bucket each with Foxfarm Happy Frog Soil outside.
(One picture is from today, I skipped a watering day so three of them are a little droopy which was promptly fixed)

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Yes, it’s a little past time for transplanting, but they’ll do fine.

Also welcome!

They look awful stretched out. Do you have adequate lighting?

At first I got confused for the lighting schedule. They were only on for 12 hours a day, and 12 hours not. I noticed the stretching and and fixed it to 16 hours a day with light. When I transplant them i was planning on burying them a little to fix that

Time of lite is less important than the light itself. They are pretty stretched. And have to say, small. Distance of light will help with the stretch. Are you pHing the water?


Welcome I would transplant right away usually you would plant an auto right into the pot its going to finish in being that it is in a peat pot the roots may have a hard time pushing threw which could send them to flower early that light shown in the picture is not
powerful enough for flower