Time to transition to flower?

7 weeks into veg and in hitting the back wall already and have some extreme growth. Should i start flower? Any opinions would help. Btw I transplanted her into the new pot 2 days ago in preparation for flower.


Bear in mind that she will double to triple in size in flower. Personally I’d give it a few more days in veg to acclimate to the new pot size before flipping. Based on light ,tent size etc.:v:


@NewbieNick wow looks amazing, main tops look good and the smaller middle ones will catch up soon,good timing on transplant as some ppl do the same an leave in 30cm or 5gal pot for whole bloom period :slight_smile: great work i rekon will look similar to picture i found, can’t wait to see her finish . :slight_smile:

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So maybe transition on Thursday or friday to give it some time to ajust to the new pot? I have a good amount of space above the plant for vertical growth just the sides aren’t big enough. Ill have to maybe train it a little more to prevent it from growing outwards anymore.


I’d give it a week after transplant. Then flip to 12/12.


When do i take the humidifier out? I just found out for sure its a female too! White hairs and all. Do i leave the humidifier cus i heard once it transitions into a female to dehumidify it.

You probably want to be under 55% humidity during the flower stage. That level should be near 45% in the final weeks of flowering.