Time to top or keep growing?

Looking for advice about topping this plant, i.e. is it time to chop the top? This is my first grow. The (photo period, bag seed) strain is Grand Daddy Purp and I don’t know if it’s male or female. It went into the RDWC on April 6th. Following are the environmental details:
4x4 tent
HLG600Rspec light at 36” and 35% output
75 deg ambient temp
45% RH
GH nutrients and Hydroguard
70 deg water temp
5.8 pH
18/6 light schedule
6” in line fan with carbon filter
No added CO2, level is about 450

It depends on how tall vs how bushy you want your plants. But you can certainly top them now, assuming they are photoperiod.


It’s time ,in my opinion