Time to switch to flowering nutes

sorry for the lighting in pics


Gave her a feeding Friday of grow wondering if I should switch to bloom bites now?
Strain is og kush auto
30 days old

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@Countryboyjvd1971 @PurpNGold74 please tag whom ever else I’m a new grower 2nd grow want to expand on the success of last harvest with more dense and tasty smoke.

I start transitioning at first signs on flower my self
What nutrients are you using ?
And since its a auto yes start giving flower nutrients
Denisty will be determined bu several factors
Lights, heat and humidity be the biggest

Try to keep tent in mid 70s

This was given to me by garrigan65 a while back its a general guide of best humidity ranges while in flower

Seedlings humidity level

Growth Week 1: 60%

Growth Week 2: 60%

Flowering Week 1: 55%

Flowering Week 2: 50%

Flowering Week 3: 50%

Flowering Week 4: 50%

Flowering Week 5: 50%

Flowering Week 6: 45%

Flowering Week 7: 45%

Flowering Week 8: 40%

Flowering Week 9: 40


I’m using the Technaflora complete line of nutes. I went from cheap china leds to not the greatest with viparspectra par 600 in a 2x3x60 cabinet. My high temps are 82* and lows are 70. Humidifier in cab keeps rh levels not way off charts. I did notice my ladies took to the new light pretty well. Was thinking of adding a veg cab soon. I k ow that you use the mehzi brand have you used the spider farmer model from them or know anyone that has used them?

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I actually have used the mezhi brand of light thats @Hogmaster
I have never used that line of nutrients but im sure the feeding schedule has transition wewks around weeks 4-5 on schedule ifbit was me id start there are far as mixing the nutrients
Early flower you should be in 1500- 1800 ppm range witn soil


Perfect thanks for the response! And sorry but you n @Hogmaster look alike!! :grinning:


Hahaha we have been told that before brother
We act alike as well
You might think we are the same person but not if we spoke lol
My NY accent would give me away lol


Hahahahaha sorry im late. But yea they do favor dont it :joy::joy:. Ive confused the two for months. And as he suggestd. Transition them. Lighter veg. And more bloom each feed. Do not completely discontinue veg tho. She still needs appropriate levels of N…

How is she looking btw?

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Thanks for the reply. Yes they do favor each other ALOT!! Could never get your avatar confused btw!!! I’ll take a few pics tonight she’s big and bushy and the bud sites are going crazy.

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Oooo yea. Now she gets fatter! Bring on the buddery!!! :joy::joy: and thanks. My laker gal gets more compliments then my grow :joy::joy:


Little better lighting

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@raustin how are my autos doing?

They look awesome! In fact, they look huge for autos. Great job!

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Thank you very much. I have an amnesia haze auto that started off a little funny and I couldn’t figure it out why it looked so funky as a seedling but the little one pretty much topped itself. And now is starting to really blossom as well. I’ll take a picture of the stem here in a bit.

Yes, they do top themselves sometimes which makes it easier for us.