Time to start the flowering stage

These are White Widow grown from ilgm seeds. The plants are will be 5 weeks old from sprout tomorrow. Tallest plant is 29 inches tall from the soil20191125_151724%5B1%5D


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We like to watch grows so keep us updated.


Welcome to the forum. :+1:

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Welcome to the community @timeless I’m assuming autos 5 weeks and flowering. Keep up the good work

Here is some data:
ilgm WW autos
2.5 ft X 4 ft closet
1500 triple chip led running veg only now and 20 hours on and 4 obviously off
450 cfm exhaust
screen set 20 inches above soil
ph and ppm checked every watering which is about every 3 days now
5 gal fiber sack
feeding Bergman’s growtime fertilizer every other water
oh, the most important part is this is my first grow and and I appreciate any advice or comments. Here is few more pics of the girls at day 34 since sprout.


Thanks for the help. Should I cut back on the hours the light is on? I am running 18 on and 6 off now. Just started that yesterday. I have switched to bloom and veg both, is that right?

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That’ll do as long as all your plants are autos! If you have any photos in there and you want to flower them too then the light will need to be 12/12.

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Hi everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome. Any comments or suggestions are always appreciated. This is my first grow and I will try to post pics as the drama unfolds.


@timeless Welcome to the best place you can possibly be! :wink: Keep on keeping on!! :v::call_me_hand::sunglasses:

Welcome! Your in the right place! Looks good!

Welcome to the forum, everything is looking pretty good, looking forward to watching you harvest a bountiful harvest.

Welcome to the forum! There are many people here that can help you along the way :v::bear:

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