Time to start flushing?

This will be my first full plant harvest. I did harvest some plants that I cloned for sex a week ago, but these are more important so I thought I would ask you opinions.

Both plants are Harlequin and should have about 10 days left according to breeder estimates. Here is plant 1

And here is the second plant


You have a couple of weeks to go yet. I see lots of white pistils, and it doesn’t appear that it went through the bulking up phase.


You could start flushing now, especially if you’re satisfied with the flower bulk. Nice pictures, BTW.

Question for the community: What does the clear, cloudy, amber ratio do to determine CBD levels? What about other cannabinoids (thinking about THC and CBN mainly)?


I’m asking about CBD dominant plants.

I suppose because THC is a precursor to CBN, they follow the conventional pattern. I don’t know where CBD and similar cannabinoids peaks and fall off because I’m not really interested in them. I’d still like to know.

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CBD isn’t a Psychoactive. It’s a body high. Its not the same as a THC high. I never thought to compare because cloudy and all that determines from energetic to full couch lock.

CBD doesn’t couch lock you. Remember to ask me when I finish my Peach Puree CBD in about 5 weeks or so. :+1:

Now for the the o my way that would apply is if you actually have a decent ratio of THC to CBD. Like a 1:1 ratio…yeah you should be able to get a couch lock if the CBD doesn’t completely mute the THC.

Again remind me about this later on.

So KeystoneCops brings up a good point, These are a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio. Supposed to be about 20% to 8% THC, and I am also growing ACDC which is a 40:1 ratio. That being said, are the trichomes different in appearance for a CBD strain when finished? They will be used to make RSO and extracts.

@cdsmith12 Nope…trichomes is trichomes. It’s all marijuana. All CBD is help counteract THC. From my experience with CBD. It’s why CBD offers a great Body High.

My next grow is gonna be a 23% CBD strain and they don’t mention any THC in the strain I plan I am to grow. Gonna see if I can get the base to cover 16 sq feet and try to fill the entire tent with a big bush.


what strain are you going to grow with the high cbd count?

Dinafem Super Critical Bud CBD at 23%.

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