Time to split plant?

In the attached picture, you can see I’m starting to get some color in the trichomes, is this when you should split the stem? Please help. Joe

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You have a picture of the entire plant I wait until they’re at least all cloudy and I use a razor and a piece of bamboo or you can use the stick or whatever but I would wait till a week before you’re ready to harvest

Hope this helps.


I love it I’d say when you are happy with what you have Tricom wise Amber/cloudy I would say put a stick in now it’s just a preference of how you like your smoke couch lock or actually be able to walk around

I can wait. I think. Maybe.

I’d like to be able to function but, a good buzz.

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your call brother that’s a go for me that’s about how I like them Styx it for a week just water it then do 24 hours of darkness and Cut your baby down time to dry

Thanks! Will do.

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And I guarantee you after you get it dried and cured going to be the best smoke you’ve ever had just because you grew it yourself Great job my friend I’m so happy for you


The article state that 3 days to a week from harvest I believe

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cut off a lower branch that had very little bud, trimmed off the bud micro waved it for 15 seconds (all the stuff you shouldn’t do) and smoked it. I was extremely surprised to see the buzz I got. Cant wait to see the buzz after I do everything properly.


Thank you!


Here’s a picture on day 60 in flowering. I think I only have another week or to until harvest. I don’t know why I never tried this years ago.