Time to plant for another year

Well the time has come to prepare for the next grow, I’ve put 4 skunk autos down atm, I will be growing, green poison ,afgooyie, fat banana , GSC, lsd, Afghan skunk, skunk,power of Africa ,Jack herea and blue dream. All to be planted in a week, to be ready to in the grown 1st weekend in September. Looking forward to another massive crop. A lot of the plants I’m growing are 2 pound plant, will need a lot of steaks to support this grow. Those are the plants for site one , site 2 will just be , green poison, afgooyie and fat banana , site 3 still deciding, but will be another 4 strains.


Sounds like quite the ambitious plan. Im here ans watching


Hey colt, it been a while, glad your ready for your next grow, I’m set to watching


Love the outdoor grows. Im watching!!!


@PurpNGold74, no different to last year bar the seeds going down , I try and do 12 strains a year , that way I can have a different smoke each day, over 3 sites we will do around 35 plants, it’s only the trimming I hate and I have a machine to do it for me.

this was part of chance last season’s


I wish I could grow that freely outdoors (I live in a very unfriendly state). My 6 autos and 1 LSD Fem out back have me paranoid as all get out. 3 people upstate got busted but their dumb asses had 90 plants, ranging from a few inches tall to 7 foot tall.


Believe me @NavyVet420 I don’t grow freely, still illegal in my country, and then there’s the ones that come over the fence to take them, once my plants go to flower, I stay outside with them and my dog all night, just to stop the ones jumping my fence.


And my girlfriend named .45* fixed it