Time to move the light or what?

What could be causing the leaf curl?
5 plants, only the middle plant is doing this. It’s also a different strain than the other 4

My first thought was move the light up…
ChilLED Tech 65w in a 2x4 AC infinity tent with the T6 Fan venting tent.

Looking for some insight from a knowledgeable grower

Temps and humidity stay pretty consistent

Yeah her leaves are getting burnt up. If it starts that way too long they’ll be crispy brown.

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Plants will sometimes curl like that to hide from the light. It could also be severe pH problems. Do you know your runoff pH?

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Which direction of pH swing do you see this? @MidwestGuy

So I’m using the BioCanna line of nutes plus recharge every 7 to 10 days as recommended.

Watered this morning, Ph in at 6.0 and out at 6.5

EC in was around 1700 and EC out varied between each pot.

Media I went with was the recipe Bruce Bugsbee talked about on YouTube 50% peat, 25% perlite, 25% vermiculite. W/ dolomite lime and gypsum Added


Not an expert but my first thought was those numbers are ok,

You are sure you ph meter is calibrated and a quality meter?

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Yup, pretty sure. I purchased an Apera Ph20 and EC20 just a couple months back to replace old equipment for my outdoor grow.

I would have purchased the Ph60 but didn’t want the combo unit.

Yep that’s a good one and it keeps it’s calibration well so that parts good

Just wanted to rule out that possibility

Carry on

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Looks like light stress to me. I’d raise the light and see if there is improvement.