Time to lights off?

hi guys, firstly sorry for my bad english. this is my second grow. she is gorilla expert (sativa) i used plagron %100 natural starterkit plus pk 13-14 (just in flowering stage) its 67th day of flowering. i couldnt be sure about trichomes because it can be so different from bud to bud. it will be at dark room 48 hours before harvest. what is your advice is time to light off?


If you have bud on the plant that is ready to harvest and others below that arent, take the tops off and wait till the bottoms are ready. There is no evidence to support increased potency or trichome production fro a measly couple days of darkness? Ive never read a study that has been done with a control. So harvest when ready my friend.


I do it for smoother smoking flower. But I also flush to a known TDS and I bud wash.

Based on the appearance of your flower: many foxtails indicate to me it’s ready to take down.


There is no harm in it for sure, but I would yeild to the staggered harvest over the other stuff if the lower buds werent ripe enough. I do that all the time with large outdoor. I think its less commonly done with indoor. Though I have seen some indoor shows with pkant quite large and they also do staggered harvests.


Yeah; I have done it a couple of times but not convinced it made a difference (for me!).

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Its interesting how the harvest and cure are the least talked about but in many ways the most critical. A great plant can be turned to compost if this part is messed up.
Anyway, to the OP, many a great joint has been rolled harvesting the oldschool way, but the dry and cure are in my mind the most important part, it will either make your smoke great or suck. So my opinion, for what its worth, is harvest when the trichomes are right for you, and dry and cure properly and your dope will be sweet! Have fun !


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