Time to harvest yet? My eyes don't see upclose

Here’s some pictures of my purple Kush Auto. I’m a newbie and I’m trying to tell when it’s time to harvest. It’s very close. But when I look at the trichomes it’s not like the pictures you see on the screen. They’re all blurry to me. So can one of you experts look at the pictures and tell me what you think. It’s in week 10. 8-9 grow time predicted so it’s just a week past. I’m not worried about that, just don’t want to harvest too soon or late. Thanks everyone. Polly

How long has it been in flower?

Very pretty buds! But you’re not there yet. I’d guess you’re 2 weeks out. First watch for the “hairs” to curl in (and change color to the red you’re seeing), then check back. I suspect they will get a lot fatter as well.

Well done, and Happy Growing.

Edit: Also I would feed her again.


I would let them go until you see a small percentage of amber trichs coming in.


Well thanks, that just made my day. I’ll keep checking back with pictures. If I can find a way to add pictures to this post.

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