Time to harvest ww auto

Should I start flushing? Best way to do flush?
Measured ppm from both plants at 1800ppm runoff.

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Looks to me like it needs a few more weeks. You are looking at the trichomes which is the right way to tell when it gets ripe except you are only showing the sugar leaves and not the bud trichomes. The tri’s on the leaves will turn amber before the buds ripen. It is a pretty bud but should get a little fatter

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Ok. I’m just worried because some of the fan leaves are getting pretty brown and most are yellow. The runoff ppm is high in my opinion

It doesn’t look ready just from looking at the pistils but like leaves you can’t always trust pistils which is why I was saying to look at the trichomes that are on bud parts.

Thats true. Thanks appreciate it!