Time to harvest this?

I am not sure if these are ready. They are 86 days since sprout.

I know its hard to tell with the lights on so if I need to retake pics tonight when I shut the lights down please let me know. I feel like they are ready. The Trichomes are cloudy and the pistols are white and amber so I am confused.


No see all the white pistils. They will change brown orange pink ect and recede into the calyxs some. Still a couple few weeks. If u dont have a microscope ull want one to watch trics when 95 percent pistils have changed and receded. Good luck and nice job so far.


You have a few weeks left at least. The pistils will get darker and pull back into the buds as they get bigger. When all the pistils are redish then start watching the trichomes.


Well looks like they have you covered with good advice


I have a microscope but its so hard to use! I guess I would have to cut a bud off to be able to keep everything still enough to take the photo. I figured another 2-3 weeks at least. Some of the lower leaves are yellowing. I stopped using nutes this last watering. I guess one more week of nutes wouldn’t hurt. I believe I need two weeks without nutes before harvest, correct?

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If in soil. I dont remember lol. Yes 2 weeks of just phd water. Might not even take that long of flushing but usually most go 2 weeks. What plant look like now?? If u take a bud to set on table to get pocs of trics just do a small piece of one big enough to pack a bowl as a trial after u look at it. Just a small piece of 1 just dont finger it all up while tKing the piece u dont wanna smash up the trics that r on there as it sill be hard to tell then. Put up a pic of a few buds tops middles and bottoms and 1 of the whole plant if u can will help determine alot more with a pic to see

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The microscope really pics were the best I could get. Even with cutting a bowl size bud off I still had problems. Hate that thing…

Hard to tell, but I see a lot of clear trichs still I think

Yea, Im gonna wait another week and reevaluate. At least I have a lil bud to try now. Well in 2 weeks from now.

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Lots of white pistils too
To me the leaves look dark and waxy which indicates to much N but I’m a noob and I’m still learning so I would wait until someone else thinks the same

Just a couple of observations

Its possible to much N . I grew that one in a 5 gal pot for a pot and that is the only plant of my 5 that look so dark and waxy. The others look better.

@Harley_Girl You should have seen my train wreck of a first grow :rofl::rofl:

I dont think my grow is a train wreck, at least I hope not. Maybe that plant wasnt the best representative of my grow. I will take pics of the rest tomorrow, lol

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@Harley_Girl No no no, I meant yours look great compared to the crap I had to deal with lol

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LOL, Its okay I know what you meant. I couldnt resist though…

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@Harley_Girl Literally my first grow journal was titled “first time fail…” :laughing: Feel free to look if you want.

Ended up with this though :grin:

Yours honestly looks not bad at all :sweat_smile:

What does tilted mean? That looks good to me but I am not a professional at all, lol. Heres so better pics of a different plant I took today while watering.

The first pic is an amnesia haze at 64 days since sprout. The rest are my zkittles.

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Titled… like the name of my first grow journal. I freaked out in the beginning lol

Do you have a jewelers loupe or magnifying lens? What do the trichomes look like?

I have a microscope and a Jeweler loop, the trichomes are cloudy, no amber ones yet. I will check out your grow journal for sure!

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So Trichomes are going to be your most important factor to look for. Depends on how much “couch lock” effect you want from your plants