Time to harvest or not?

Hi Folks,

Here is my ak-47 auto plant starting week 11. It’s my very first grow, trichoms looks clear but not sure if I should harvest now or wait little bit more. I will appreciate your opinion, thank you


Lookin good bro congrats :clap:… i really can’t say by lookin atcha pics you definitely need a microscope to say for sure…

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Thanks man! I noticed not all turned brown I have some white, I looked through the microscope and the trichomes looks very clear

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Ok cool just give her time and she’ll be fine :slightly_smiling_face::blush::sunglasses:


That’s the best I could a do, what you think?

No, great shots. Still a lot of clear, but include the hazy but not milky in your when to harvest count. mostly cloudy, very little amber = highest thc content. :sunglasses:

I would like it half clear/half cloudy for more energetic high, do you think I can harvest now?

I’d wait a week or 10 days for more cloudy. Now, it might be a paranoid anxiety high.

That’s what I definitely don’t want, so I appreciate your advice a lot, I had awful paranoid high before and don’t want it again for sure. I just flushed the plant so I am gonna wait another 7 days and gonna harvest it, thank you so much