Time to harvest my first plants…How?

My first plants started on 28 May, from seeds. So they are cleared for harvest. How do I do that? Then (stupid question) what happens to the rest of the plant after the buds are removed? I appreciate any help.
Thanks Donna

Depending on how bushy the got, just cut the main stalk right above media level and hang it from a string in a dark cool place with a little air movement.
If they are really bushy then break down the larger branches and hang individual to dry. Takes 4-10 days to dry enough to trim tight and jar for cure.
OOOO the cure, the hardest part for me. 6-10 weeks minimum round these parts.

If you used a tent to grow and you don’t have any thing going into it immediately, the tent makes for a nice drying location. Depending on heat & humidity, you can leave the plant whole as suggested by @StonedCold13. If the humidity is high, I would suggest breaking the plant down.

I like to do a rough trim at this stage. I pull any leaves with long stems off and big leaves in the bud.
After that, depending on how much I have to deal with, I hang in a cardboard box to dry. If you have low humidity a box help retain some moisture and slows down the dry time.

Put the box(es) in the tent, have a little air movement and check them every day.
For this harvest, rack and all is going into a closet.
Congratulations on the first. Pictures are always welcomed.
I like to leave the buds on the stem while drying. It helps slow down the drying process and gives you something to use for hanging. If you cut the buds off, you need a rack and you need to turn them otherwise they dry unevenly and become flat on one side. Also, every time they are moved you loose trichomes. You do not want to loose those crystals.
This is from trimming a couple of plants. Now I always trim and handle them over a trim tray

Ask away and good luck.


Thank you so much.
Now what happens to the stalk left in the planter?
Will new plants grow from it?

Pull it out and throw it in the compost. Time to drop some more beans, I dropped 6 last week.

What do you mean have you checked the tricomes

You want to make sure and throughly clean your tents between runs as well. I like to use lysol wipes, soap water, and alcohol to finish. The carbon filter pre filter comes off and gets washed and dried and everything that can be reached and wiped gets a good cleaning. After my very first run getting PM this is a must for me everytime now as I run 3 tents for a perpetual grow

If your interested i found this meter to be a god send and I hear paired with Grove bags you’ll have some super fire nugs to smoke assuming all goes well with the harvest and dry beforehand. I ordered the bags but haven’t got to try them yet

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