Time to hanguo and dry?


Please disregard the grow LED.

My 3 largest have been growing from seed since April May. I just got back from a week long trip so i stored them in my bathroom until I got back.

At any rate this is my first harvest and wanted to get your alls keen eye. Is it time to hang and dry?

Thanks in advance!



merry Christmas has come early!! nice trees


do you have a jewelers loop 60x or more magnification? u need to see the trichomes development prior to harvest.


No I do not. Ill pick one up on Amazon. Wasnt aware you can actually “see” trichromes develop. Thought it was a chemical process. Ill check n here or youtube for an instructional.


This might help you decide .


and ur on ur way. trichomes generally go from clear to cloudy white to amber. most like to harvest with 20% amber.

clear is low thc content.
white is highest thc content, cerebral high, energetic
amber is moderate thc content, body high, couchlock, helps u sleep.

a likely mix of trichomes at harvest is like 1-5% clear, 60-80% white, 15-40% amber


Until I get the glass to check.

Here is a shot I took with an iphone. :smiley:


you still have some time before harvest. what nutrients are you using to finish flower?


Big bud and cotton candy from adv nutruents.


ok give her time. im sure youll get better trichome development. but youll need to see them under magnification


You still have a few weeks looks great will be worth the Wait Patience grasshopper


Grow more…Grow MORE…GROW MORE !!!

Still a month away from peak…


Hardest part of the grow, having patients lol either way man if you kick back and let them fatten up you’ll be rewarded nicely!


You recommend BIG BUD AND COTTON CANDY,? Can you giv me brief description of how it works please?


Big bud has the nutrients to increase the bud size, cotty candy enhances flavonoids as I understand it.

Go on thier website for more info my man. Im still learningand documenting the progress to I can increase my next yeild.


Cheers bro. Will have to investigate. Sounds good to me.


Started smoking some about a week ago after letting it cure for a few weeks. Righteousness has been achieved. Brain power 9000!


Lol thanks for the update. What are you doing for your next grow? @TheNextCannabisKing


I cloned the parent plants and have 6 more going that are currently 2-5’ tall. I prepped soil for veg stage and have another compost going from my flowering stage this time around. I am using 20 gallon totes to make my compost. Ill post photos later.

I just received my SkywalkerOG seeds (10+10 promo, absolute steal IMO). 5 are currently working on popping and will go into 1" pods in a few days.


1st harvest netted me just under a 5 gallon bucket. 3 plants