Time to get these Green fingers working - Advice Required

I have been an avid marijuana lover for a good number of years now and have even been fortuante to try a good varity of strains, I spent roughly 6 months living and working in Holland the other year and took good advantage of what was on offer.

Unfortunatley I just did not spend much time finding out and researching best practice for growing.

I have spent the majority of today looking up and reading articals from what seems like every corner of the internet.

Concusions I have come to;

1mx1mx2m - Budbox
2 x 500watt HPS lamps

Apart from this I am still unsure how best to proceed, I only wish to produce between 1 - 2 oz per yeild more would always be appricated but not required - growing completly for personal use as I am now back in the UK and fed up of un reliable dealers…

Looking for general advice on which products are best suited for what im looking to do.

Thinking for first time round i am going to try either White Widow or Northen Light seeds…

looking forward to hearing from you all!



Sounds like you have more than enough, most would say 500 watts alone is well above more than enough for the coverage of a square meter area. I think most of ILGM’s strains can easily average around 500 grams per square meter, and the same can be said for most well known strains in general. Eventually, about a gram per watt is the approximate expected yeild. So it sounds like you certainly have more than enough to meet your needs.

Also do get your copy of the book free! https://my.leadpages.net/leadbox/1408ef173f72a2%3A14c3f3fe8b46dc/5651124426113024/

And check out these articles:


Excellent Cheers! Im heading abroad to work until july so hopefully get all kit bought and sorted prior to leaving so i can start properly when i get back.

thanks again.

Make sure you have air above and below, temps

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