Time to Flower…?

This strain is called 9 Alarm. It is a cross between 9lb. Hammer and Straight Fire.
I believe it is an Indica-heavy Hybrid… but could be very wrong
Using Fox Farms Soil, No Nutrients
Reverse Osmosis Water
Germinated 10 weeks ago, began pinching/light LST 6 weeks ago
Curious if it is time for me to set the lights to 12:12…?
Was hoping to Harvest by Labor Day, but I am pretty sure that is out the window at this point, Now I would just be happy if I could Harvest (and smoke) before Halloween….?

I have tried to include a couple of pictures here…

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Can flip right now no prob. 1 of the beauties of a photo is can flip when want. Big…little…medium all good. Only thing that suffers is yield. So consider she will almost double in size. Halloween 13 weeks out. 2 weeks stretch…week preflower…11 weeks flower maybe…1 dry…2 cure for basic cure. Unless she is an 8 week flower…doubt it…cant make halloween. Bet can make thanksgiving.


Gonna ammend the can part to go for it. Very well developed. Good structure. Will produce well I think. Other views will come shortly.

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