Time to flower to get a good yeild?


After a long ride of trial and error I am at day 57 of veg. My two plants are roughly 1 1/2 ft tall. If I started to flower now would I get a decent yeild?

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They look great G, I was just looking at them from another thread when they were still in the cups, nice job!

You can flower anytime, figure a plant might double in height during flower and decide from there

Good idea with those foil pans didn’t even think of that

Thanks @iceberg the shades from the work lights I bought were not getting the job done so I improvised! Lol I think I will flower once I get my bloom nutrients and my new grow lights, so in the next week or two max. If they double is size like you said 3 ft or a little bigger should be perfect. Just hope I can get a good 4-5 oz from each plant.

I flowered mine in pots that size an they are about a week from pulling an look like this

I will let you know what I yield off the 3 footer

The other is 2 an 3 quarter of a foot

I’m switching to flower on Friday this is my second grow trying scrog method for the first time…first grow was 4 plants 9.5oz I’m hoping doing scrog method will give much bigger yield growing 6 plants this time

Are those 300 watt mars leds

Yes and I have a 600 in the back true wattage bout 600 all together

Sweet I would love to know. What strain are y’all growing? I was going to do LST on mine and I went out of town for a week and I think it’s a little to late to do it now. Haha

The one I sent the pic of is og the hydro an presidential cush in the dirt

2 og kush 2 wht widow 1 bagseed don’t know sex yet but so far no signs of it being male if it turns out to be male I plan on just cutting him out

Og was my first grow very good strain I think for first timers and it was some good smoke going for variety this time once I harvest these got ak47 sour diesel and pinapple chunk goin in

Just started borderliner strawberry cush an pineapple express for my out door grow this year

I got strawberry kush for my first grow. Everything’s looking good but I have thes spots on the lower leaves that look like its drying out or something. Idk if it’s just the leaf dying or what, but it’s only on the lower leaves not on new growth

Can’t wait to light these babies up!:grin:

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Nice how much, do they use regular light sockets might need those for side lighting

Yea dude, i want 4 of those. I used a roasting pan too lol also.

My sockets below out grew the roasting pan i had.
Happy growing man looks good.

Found them @ amazon 23.99 ? Which do I use for flowering 2700 or 6400

Iceberg for flowering go with the 2700k

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